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World Snooker Championship 2017

Snooker matches are always full of excitement but World Snooker Championships make it double.

World Snooker Championship 2017 had completed with great memories and Mark Shelby’s third championship.

Mark Shelby had defeated againts John Higgins at the final game of World Snooker Championship 2017. 34 years old English snooker player has won his third championship of all the time and second in row. There was a great competition between two players, John Higgins kept himself in the game but the English player won the game 18-15

Mark had an title before the championship, his title was last champion, but at the final game he had some troubles to keep that title. Last champion was against to four times World Snooker Championship winner Higgins. First day was passed with Higgins’s 10-4 lead. Mark had not intend to give up he was still leading world ranking of snooker players. Since that moments audience had watched great come back from English snooker player. He won the nine frames of ten frames and made the game 13-11

Last champion was keeping his great performans also after he got the lead. Mark Shelby made 16-12 and the champ had faced with great resist of his competitor (16-15) Mark Shelby keept himself calm against four times champion Higgins and didn’t let him win the game. He made no mistake at the last two frame and finished the game with his lead.

Mark Shelby had won his third championship of last four tournament. At the same time Mark Shelby became the champion who didn’t lose “last champion title” after Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O’Sullivan at the World Snooker Championship.

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