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There was an unexpected event of snooker. One of the British well-known snooker player Stephen Lee who is 38 years old banned from snooker for 12 years for seven match-fixing charges. Stephen Lee also told to pay £40,000.

British player was found guilty of match fixing charges for 7 matches which were three in Malta Cup in 2008, two in the UK Championship in the same year, one in China Open in 2009 and one in World Championship in 2009.

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association had been seeking a lifetime ban but the Organisation’s head of disciplinary Nigel Mawer insisted the 12 year suspension was effectively the same thing. “We did say we were seeking a life ban because if it was seven matches that had been fixed including during the world championships. But in effect it is a life ban because I think it is highly unlikely that Stephen Lee will not be able to come back to the sport at this level.” He told to  pay £40,000 for the matches played in 2008 and 2009.

Before the decision Judd Trump who is the world’s third snooker player said that players who are found guilty of match fixing have to be banned for life time.

After the decision this unexpected event of snooker the best snooker player in the world, Ronnie O’Sullivan, said that there are a lot of player in snooker community who rig a game but only Stephen Lee was captured.

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