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Things You Should Know About Snooker

Snooker is the most popular sport after billiard. This article has been written for sport enthusiasts, who watch and are interested in snooker newly. We consider that you know what billiard looks like. Cue, balls and table… There can be holes on the table or there can’t be. Snooker, which we will talk about, has 6 holes and the game is based on putting the balls in these holes.


When starting a billiard game (in snooker, it is called “frame”), all balls were put places which determined with rules.Players can hit only white ball with their cues. This white ball is put by the player, who will hit first. At the first stroke, the white ball must hit the reds. Since the red balls are attached, it is not possible to hole these balls with a conscious stroke. It is called “pot” in snooker.  So, after the first stroke, there is a chaos. Thus it’s an unpredictable table order. This is the basis of snooker and indeed all other pool games. Players will continue to play according to the chaos that will occur after this first stroke.


The stroke with cue is always hit to the white ball. The stroke has two aims:

  • Potting: The white ball strikes another ball, and it puts the ball into the hole. After potting it is important to set the white ball again.
  • Do not let an opponent pot. In other words it is “safe stroke. If there is no position for the pot, it is necessary to put the white ball in a position where the pot can not be done again. Because when the pot can not be done, it will be opponent’s turn. When a master snooker player takes control, he pots and wins the game. This is the most important part of the game that requires intelligence.

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