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The History of Snooker

Background of snooker

In order to understand the history of snooker, we should understand the basics of snooker. While there is not very clear information about the beginning period, snooker, which is a rooted sport, has taken its place in today’s world by experiencing many evolution and change in terms of both rules and materials used and its varieties.

The earliest history and claim on this subject is that of the famous philosopher Anacharsis. 400 in Greece. A.D. II. In the 16th century, there was written records that the king of Ireland, Catkre More, left behind tables and lashes made of the same material, with 55 balls made from pruning. The concept of snooker sport, which started to attract great interest in the palaces during the time of the King of France 16th Lui, is a very interesting development process. After this period and with the beginning of 1800s, the basics of modern snooker has developed importantly.

Leading countries of snooker

Leading countries in the world are Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Belgium and Spain. In these countries, where clubs are displaced by a pool of billiards, ladies are playing billiards intensively. There are some special grand masters for snooker sport in the world from different countries. Even though the age of the great Belgian master Raymond Ceulemans has advanced a lot, if the summit is still enforced, it is really a revelation.

Italy, Marko Zanetti, Netherlands Dick Jaspers, Japan Kobayashi, Comari, Austrian Pills, Denmark are pushing the summit with Carlsen while France is announcing its voice with the triptych Bitalis. Finally, with the important sponsors and huge investments to the snooker , the sport started to develop quickly. Today, millions of fans and followers are watching snooker tournaments on TV or on the internet from different regions of the world.

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