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Most Successful Woman Snooker Player of the World

Anastasia Luppova – Successful and Attractive

Anastasia Luppova, Russian snooker player, is one of the most successful woman snooker player of the world at the last years. She was born on 26 July 1985, in Kazan. Russian bilarian Anastasia Luppova, twice champion of Europe, once the Russian pyramid champion, once also became the champion of Moscow, Master od Sports and dynamic pyramitte.

In 2009, Anastasia Luppova became the World Ladies Billiard Champion. In addition to her success on snooker, she is so famous for her beauity. She has millions of followers from different countries of the world under today’s conditions.

Russian Style

Russian beautiful Anastasia Luppova, the Ladies Billiard Champion for the last 5 years, was also the first of the 2009 World Women’s Billiard Championships in Sochi. With two times European Championship victory, Luppova has been shown in the legends list of woman snooker world by many people from different countries of the world.

Finally, we can say, with her success, she affected many young snooker players in her country, Russia. So, the snooker sport has been developing so quickly at the last years with Luppova’s effect when compared the past times all around the country.

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