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The Greatest Snooker Win

The greatest snooker winning was Roonie O’Sullivan also known as the rocket who has a strong cue force that makes all the balls on the table explode and hide in the pockets.

According to many, he is the most talented snooker player in history. It’s been 21 years since the greatest snooker win happened and it was one of Roonie’s biggest milestones, and he is a five time world champion.

O’Sullivan, aka the snooker prodigy, controls the cue ball like a puppet making the game look so easy and effortless with his smoothness.

Ronnie O’Sullivan was listed 5th on 2017/18 by winning the match against Shaun Murphy 10-4 in the final match of the Ladbrokes Players Championship.

Sullivan said that Murphy did not play as well as he did in the semi finals, so basically their performances were not on the same level.

“It would be great to win the world title but I’ll just go out there and play on my terms and if it comes, it comes. I’ve had a fantastic season anyway. If I play my best game then it’s probably only John Higgins and Mark Selby who can play at the same level.

Ronnie has the ability to win more than 36 titles with the set of skills that he possesses as he made ıt several times to the finals.

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