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How was Snooker Invented?

We do not think we need to talk about Snooker’s long history. Shortly, it was invented by English soldiers. Particularly, it became popular in United Kingdom in 1930s, but  it was also popular in World War 2. BBC broadcasted snooker on TV and then it was broadcasted on color TV . After this, snooker has turned into a source of great interest. Especially, from 1975 to 1995, the interest in sports became a boom. Today, it is too popular in China, Germany, Brazil, USA, Russia, Sweden, too. Nowadays, snooker tournaments are being organized and positive results have been received so far.

Snooker’s summit is perhaps the 1985 World Championship. 18.5 million watched Dennis Taylor, who defeated Steve Davis after a major struggle in BBC2. Today the survey results show that the 1985 World Championship was one of the BBC’s most memorable broadcast   all the time. Stephen Hendry is shown as the best player with seven World Championship wins and many other  tournaments. Since snooker is a sport that has become very popular, the number of televised tournaments is also quite high. The fact that the game looks very easy to watch on television , due to professional  players.

Free Snooker Live Streaming

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