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2018 World Snooker Championship – Williams’ Victory

A Great Victory from Williams

The 2018 World Snooker Championship started on 21 April and completed on 7 May. The organization was held in Sheffield, in the UK. Most important snooker figures like Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Selby, John Higgins, Mark Williams, Barry Hawkins and Ali Carter joined in the tournament. Of course, the most important surprise of the tournament was Ronnie O’Sullivan’s defeat by Ali Carter in the second round with 13-9 score. It was the turning point of the tournament.

In the first semi final match, John Higgins and Kyren Wilson met. John Higgins won the match by 17-13 score and reached final. On the other hand,  Barry Hawkins and Mark Williams met on the other semi – final match of the tournament. Williams won 17-15 this match and reached final. The final match was so litigious. Mark Williams from Wales managed to win this game against John Higgins from Scotland.

Short history of Snooker

It’s a game found by British officers. Particularly in the 1930s it gradually became popular in the Uk borders, He got what he did in World War II. The broadcast of the BBC on sports TV and the subsequent broadcast on color TV has turned the snooker into a source of great interest. Between 1975 and 1995, the interest in sports became an explosion. Today, the United Kingdom, such as China, Germany, Brazil, It is also very popular in countries outside the borders.

Since many people think that long-format matches reduce snooker interest, snooker has been in some of the innovation movements since many people have agreed. Snooker tournaments are being organized in various formats and very positive results have been made up to now.

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